The Worst Mistake a Telemarketing Company Can Make

Over the twenty-five plus years we’ve been serving the telemarketing industry, Cove Law, P.A. has frequently been asked the same question: what is the worst mistake a telemarketing company can make? People have a lot of ideas – relating to contracts, company structure, or even management styles. The answer is a lot simpler than they may expect.

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Welcome back! As Andrew Cove reveals in the video, the most critical mistake that a telemarketing company can make is not putting resources into compliance from the very beginning. Compliance is a process through which a business ensures it is operating efficiently while following all the rules it needs to – internal guidelines of the company as well as local and federal regulations on your industry and workplace.

Compliance is something every business needs but not every business makes time for. Investing resources into compliance is making an investment into your company being legally sound and dedicated to doing things correctly the first time. In telemarketing, we have found that compliance is especially important because there are so many regulations governing the industry that leaders may not even realize they are neglecting to follow.

Compliance is not difficult to implement – particularly at the beginning of a company’s life. When telemarketing companies choose not to put resources towards compliance early on, it inevitably causes problems down the road. It takes much more time and money to implement it later in a company’s lifecycle – as well as dealing with potentially disastrous issues that will arise from not knowing what laws you need to follow.

At Cove Law, P.A., we can help telemarketing companies with compliance towards nationwide licensing, state acts and rules, the Federal Telemarketing Sales Rule, the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act, State and Federal “Do-Not-Call” Registries, and more. If you don’t invest in your business being compliant with these standards up front, you will likely face the legal consequences later on. Compliance breaches are an endeavor far more expensive to resolve than to preempt against.

For any help with the telemarketing industry – compliance, defense, or more – contact Cove Law, P.A. today to schedule a consultation! We understand the challenges you are facing, and we are ready to assist you right now.

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