We Work Hard for All Our Clients, But Don’t Take Our Word for it

Here at Cove Law, we work extremely hard for each one of our clients. Of course, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Several of our past clients have written out testimonials about their experience with us. Read through the following testimonials to learn about the experiences of our actual clients. If you have any questions after reading this page, please contact us to set up a consultation.

Andrew knows what he’s talking about and has always assisted me well with some legal matters. He has invaluable experience in the business field we’re in.

Bruce Woods

I had the fortune to have retained Andrew as a result of a referral from a business associate. Andrew handle the case with expertise and efficiency. His consulting and direction resulted in a very positive resolution to my case. I would highly recommend Andew as council for your business.

Tony Pardo

Andrew is an expert in FCC & FTC law. His team is very diligent, and he always makes an extra effort to be accessible if you need him.

Frank Frappier

I have worked with Andrew and his firm for many years. They bring enormous expertise to all aspects of my business which includes marketing and sales distribution. I would highly recommend Andrew and his firm.

Scott Roix

I have used Andrew and his law suit many times from 1998-2005. I would highly suggest working with him; he is one of the most knowledgeable attornies in his field. His firm is one of the bests in regard to the Telemarketing Sales Rule, and different state and federal regulations when marketing a product.

Doug Kaplan

There are a lot of things that I say about Andrew as a Lawyer, and as a friend, all are good things, however one thing that really made my life much easier is his ability to make everything go into its real size, make it simple and right on the spot, honest even i did not like what I hear, converting tough moments into an absolute world of safety and tranquility, I am lucky to have received Andrew Cove’s services, and we continue to do so up to the day only because we are sure, if he is involved, we are good to go, it is an honor to me to recommend the Andrew Cove law firm and is a privilege to me to be his friend aside than a client.

Sherif Abd Rabbo De Ferrari

Andrew is an accomplished professional who provides results when promised. He is particularly knowledgeable and effective in matters dealing with the State of Florida and has a deep understanding of the laws and rules regulating selling. In addition the firm is familiar with others across the US to provide almost a national service assisting with businesses remaining in compliance with the variety of regulations across the various states. Andrew is the guy to contact for sales or marketing legal advice and representation.

Richard "Ric" Reily

I have found Andrew to be highly personable expert in his field. He is always on top of his game. Don’t let his kind demeanor deceive you, he is fighter and that is exactly what you want from an attorney. Andrew wants to win for you ! I highly recommend him.

Maurice Verrelli

I worked with andrew on various different projects of mine, and he has always provided me phenomenal service from start to finish. From his very in depth knowledge, to his integrity and professionalism, I highly recommend him !!!!

Shawn Jacobs, ND.A, CH

I met Andrew more than 15 years ago as a staffer in the offices of Florida’s Division of Consumer Services the enforcer of the State’s legislated Seller of Travel and Telemarketing Acts – It was his thoroughness, integrity and knowledge of the Acts as well as his negotiating tenacity and fairness (quick to rebuff any client thinking their actions were above the Acts) that made it possible for violators of those Acts to save on fines initially totaling 10’s of thousands. I highly recommend Cove & Associates to assist one’s needs to traverse the daunting bureaucracy in meeting any State’s regulatory challenges and bring that trade practice into compliance. Today, I consider Andy a colleague; but better yet – I get to call him and he considers me “A good friend.”

Vidal Cortijo

Andy you are simply the best. Everyone I have ever met that knows you tells me that as well. You helped me multiple times over the years and I just wanted to take the time to give a big THANK YOU!!!

RJ Randall

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