Serving The Telemarketing Industry For Over 20 Years

Andrew N. Cove

Andrew Cove is the founder of Cove Law and has had extensive experience working with clients in the telemarketing industry.

Andrew served as a Senior Assistant Attorney General for Florida, where he prosecuted matters involving telemarketing fraud and authored a proposal that later became the Florida’s ‘Telemarketing Act’.

Since becoming a private defense attorney, Andrew has represented companies and individuals on both regulatory compliance matters and related litigation in state and federal courts throughout the U.S.

Andrew is married, has two children, and practices and teaches traditional martial arts in Hollywood, Florida.

Tiffany J. Eaton

Tiffany advises clients on compliance matters, including state licensing throughout the U.S., compliance with the TCPA, the Telemarketing Sales Rule, and related litigation.

Tiffany also has significant experience representing bars and restaurants regarding alcohol beverage licensing and related matters.

Tiffany is married and the mother of one.

Amy B. Talisman

Amy Talisman’s primary focus is litigation matters in both state and federal courts throughout the U.S.

Amy has experience defending trade practice claims by the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies, but she has extensive experience defending general commercial matters, medical malpractice matters and other civil litigation as well.

Amy practices Yoga and is the part-owner of a successful Yoga Studio in Fort Lauderdale.

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