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Needing professional legal counseling is not something that most people think about until they face an issue they cannot resolve without an attorney. Some of the most common reasons why people seek legal counseling are connected to divorce, estate planning, and personal injury. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because virtually every adult with assets should do some degree of estate planning; personal injuries can happen to anyone, and about half of our country is married. 

When you factor in estate planning, you could make the argument that everyone—to different extents—will need an attorney at some point in their lives. If and when you learn that you require the advice of a legal professional, what is your next step? The sheer volume of attorneys capable of assisting you is both your biggest asset and challenge

  • There are more than 250,000 lawyers in the southeast. 
  • Over 75,000 of them work in Florida. 

Compound that with the fact that lawyers have individual personalities, unique backgrounds, and different ways of applying the law to resolve your specific needs. Even the most highly reviewed and sought-after attorney may not be the right one for you. Consider the person who wants a relatively amicable divorce. If the best divorce attorney in the state is known for being aggressive, the fit won’t be right. 

Where To Place Your Trust

Imagine the following scenario: You need a personal injury attorney, and you do a quick internet search for “Best PI lawyer in Florida.” After seeing the results, you ask your parents if they have someone they trust to represent you. Are you going to trust the advice of your family or the internet? 

If you went with the attorney your family suggested, you aren’t alone. People tend to seek lawyers based on referrals. Why? Because they trust the opinion of the people they are closest to more than an internet search whose results may be bogged down with SEO words.   

We Are Your Referral Source

At Cove Law, we focus primarily on telemarketing law, which is a niche area. However, we have been doing this since 1995. We are proud to say that very few lawyers have the depth of experience we do, nor can they match our track record. Attorney Andrew Cove began his career as an Assistant Attorney General in Florida, prosecuting businesses for consumer fraud violations. 

Why is that important to you? We have more than 25 years of experience. We’ve interacted with a wide range of professionals within the legal community during that time. If we have been fortunate enough to have earned your trust, then let us take it one step further. When you discover that you need an attorney that works in any practice area, tell us about it. 

Although we may not be able to resolve your specific issue ourselves, we usually will know (or can find) someone who can—and why they are the attorneys you need. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of finding an attorney. Let us be your filter so you can find the resolution you need. Contact Cove Law today to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to assist you with your telemarketing law issue—or any other legal matter you have.

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