What State Actions Can Be Taken Against Telemarketers?

When we talk about actions that can be taken against telemarketing companies, much of the conversation revolves around the Federal Trade Commission. The Federal Trade Commission seeks to combat deceptive and unfair trade practices by protecting competition and protecting consumers. At Cove Law, P.A., over our twenty-five plus years of serving the telemarketing industry, we have dealt with plenty of cases coming from the FTC at the federal level.

We have also seen actions taken against telemarketing companies at the state level. While less discussed, these actions can be just as serious as those taken by the FTC. If you are wondering what state actions can be taken against telemarketers, watch this video from our founder, Andrew Cove:


As you saw in the video, most of the actions taken against telemarketing companies at the state level come from the state’s Attorney General’s office. State Attorney General’s offices are a clear analog to the Federal Trade Commission. Their protocol and the actions that they bring are very similar to what the Federal Trade Commission does on a federal level: they routinely bring deceptive and unfair trade practices cases on the state level. To read more about the actions that the FTC can bring against you, read our Blog on the topic here.

What state Attorney General’s offices can do is very similar to what the FTC does. In fact, state Attorney General’s offices around the country sometimes partner up with the FTC to bring civil actions against telemarketers, as well as other defendants. All of that is to say that telemarketing companies should take threats at the state level just as seriously as those at the federal level.

The best preventative defense against actions being taken towards your company is to properly invest in telemarketing compliance. Telemarketing compliance is the process through which a telemarketing business ensures that it is operating efficiently while following all the rules it needs to. Those include internal guidelines of the telemarketing company as well as local and federal regulations on your industry and workplace. To read more about how you can get started with telemarketing compliance, check out our Blog here.

At Cove Law, P.A., we have represented clients against a very wide variety of state Attorney General’s offices. For help with potential actions taken at the state level, or any general business help, contact Cove Law, P.A. today! We know the challenges your business is dealing with are not insurmountable – because we’ve dealt with them ourselves.

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