What Can Telemarketing Compliance Do For My Company?

At Cove Law, P.A., we have been serving the telemarketing industry for over 25 years. That means that we know intimately how complicated it can be. Doing business in the telemarketing industry is strictly regulated, and oftentimes companies may not even realize that they are breaking a rule until it is too late. One of the services that we offer to help businesses all across the nation is Telemarketing Compliance.

Telemarketing Compliance is the process of helping companies follow the rules and regulations that govern them. To understand the full scope of how this helps telemarketing companies, please watch this video to hear directly from our founder, Andrew Cove:


Now that you have watched the video, we are going to outline some of the ways that Telemarketing Compliance can assist your company. Firstly, in most states, telemarketers have to obtain a license. This license must be properly obtained whether you are based in the state or selling to anyone in the state. Cove Law, P.A. will help you file for the licenses you need and ensure that you receive them.

Secondly, we provide assistance to telemarketing companies by vetting potential vendors that want to do business with them. This allows you to know whether a vendor is legitimate or not, and if they are, what their history is. We want you to be set up for success by only doing business with vendors worth your time.

Thirdly, Cove Law, P.A. helps telemarketing companies by setting up a Compliance Program. This is an in-house system created specifically for your company to make certain that you remain in compliance with the regulations that govern you. It will include ways to train employees new and old to remain in compliance. Having a firm Compliance Program in place will allow you to avoid actions, investigations, and challenges from governmental agencies and private third parties alike.

Finally, Cove Law, P.A. helps telemarketing companies with their contracts. Whether it is drafting, signing, or reviewing, the telemarketing industry operates on a specific vernacular that needs to be catered to in your written contracts. Following that common language and utilizing experienced counsel allows your company to set itself up for success and avoid any poor surprises.

At Cove Law, P.A., Telemarketing Compliance is one of the most thorough and exciting services we offer. If you are ready to ensure that your telemarketing company is compliant and protected, contact Cove Law, P.A. today! We know that the challenges you are facing are not insurmountable – because we’ve dealt with them ourselves!

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