Telemarketing Licensing


Most states – well over 30 – now require telemarketing call centers to obtain a license before they begin operating. These states include most of the largest states in the country, including California, New York, Florida and Texas.

Although marketers often assume that a license in their home state is all they need, these licenses are generally required whenever calling into (or from) any of these states. In some states, the penalties for failing to register can be very steep: Both civil (fines and injunctions) as well as criminal penalties can apply

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We stay on top of these laws and regulations to ensure that we provide our clients with the best possible advice on preventing claims.

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When it comes to keeping your business legal, nothing is more important than staying compliant with federal and state regulations for making calls.  With today’s multiplicity of do not call, TCPA and other rules, it is essential that you have a legal, compliant process for making calls to potential customers.  

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