Is Your Business Facing a Lawsuit? Take These 4 Steps First

When you created your business, lawsuits may not have been at the front of your mind. Excited by the promise and possibilities of your future, you may not have taken the time to think about what to do if something like this should happen. Now, you have been informed that you’re being sued. What should you do? Here are the first four steps you should take when your business is facing a lawsuit.

  1. Call your lawyer

Any time legal paperwork arrives, you should contact your lawyer. However, it’s particularly important to notify him or her when you discover you are being sued. You need to notify your lawyer as soon as possible because there may be deadlines and other steps that you need to take to properly reply to the lawsuit.

For example, you may need to appear in court for a hearing or you might just need to submit a written response. A good lawyer will know exactly what needs to happen and will guide you so that everything gets done on time.

  1. Stop communicating directly with the plaintiff

Sometimes it’s not a surprise when you discover you’ve been sued. You may have been trying to appease an angry customer, vendor, or co-worker. Over time, you may have called or emailed, trying to reach a compromise.

Once the notification that you are being sued arrives, you should immediately cease all contact with the other party. Do not try to contact the plaintiff in any form. Avoid trying to talk to that person and do not send any more emails.

  1. Notify your insurance provider

When you are being sued, you need to notify your insurance provider. It’s possible that you have insurance to help you cover the lawsuit, but in general, you should not expect that your insurance will cover the whole expense.

  1. Craft your response

Now that you have notified everyone who needs to know about your lawsuit, it’s time to decide what you should do about it. Talk to your lawyer about your case. Share your perspective.

Your lawyer will likely have suggestions for how to proceed. Although your case might end up in court, remember that mediation is still an option. While you should not directly contact the other party, your lawyer may contact them on your behalf.

Finding Help for Your Business Lawsuit

If your Florida business is facing a lawsuit, let Cove Law help. Our experts are ready to defend you and your business. To find out more about how we can help you with your case, give us a call today at (954) 921-1121 or contact us online.

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