5 Steps to Obtain a Seller of Travel License

Anyone who plans on selling travel packages needs to have a Seller of Travel license for the states involved in the transaction. (Not all states have Seller of Travel licenses, but several do – and others require Sellers of Travel to obtain Telemarketing licenses if they market via telephone.) This means that you may need a license for the state where your business is located and another for the state (or states) where you are soliciting sales of your travel package. Here’s more information about Seller of Travel licenses and the five steps to create them.

  1. Contact a business lawyer.

Whenever you have to fill out paperwork that can impact your business, you want to contact a qualified business lawyer. With your livelihood in question, you want to be absolutely certain that you’re filling out the proper forms correctly. In particular, you want to contact a business lawyer who is familiar with the laws in the state that you are operating in.

  1. Complete the Seller of Travel application.

Once your lawyer identifies the appropriate forms for you to complete, fill them out fully and accurately. Each state has different forms, so make sure you have all of the forms that you’ll need. As noted, any state that you plan to operate in may also require you to apply for a Seller of Travel license. For example, if you live in Kansas and plan on selling vacation packages or trips to Florida residents, you will also need to have a Florida Seller of Travel license.

  1. Purchase a Seller of Travel surety bond.

A surety bond protects your clients from any negligence or wrongdoing on your part. Once customers pay you money, the bond is intended to ensure that the appropriate individuals are covered and that your customers will not lose money on a travel transaction with you.

In many states, you may be eligible to apply for an exemption. However, in most cases, your state will want you to have a Seller of Travel surety bond. The amount of your bond will depend upon what types of vacation programs you are selling. For example, in Florida, your bond amount depends on whether or not you are selling vacation certificates.

  1. Pay the application fee.

With each state’s application, there will be an application fee. Naturally, you will want to be sure to pay the application fee when you submit your completed application.

  1. Submit the application, Seller of Travel bond, and fee.

Now that you have everything completed, gather everything together and mail it into the appropriate office. Be sure that you have the correct mailing address to avoid any delays or confusion.

Find a Florida Business Lawyer

To ensure that your application for your Florida Seller of Travel license is complete and correct, contact a reputable Florida business lawyer like those at Cove Law. With well over 20 years of serving the Florida business community, Cove Law is a law firm that you can trust to help you complete your license application. Contact us online or give us a call today at (954) 921-1121 to learn more about how we can help.

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